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Mulgari+ Stage 2 (MINI Gen3)

Stage 2 ECU Recalibration, Spark Plugs, Air Filter, Engine Torque Mount & Performance Intercooler

What's involved

Our upgraded Mulgari+ Engine Performance Pack, which includes all the components from our Standard Pack, but with a higher performance Stage 2 ECU recalibration, supported by the addition of our high capacity performance intercooler. As with the standard pack this offers significant Power increase over standard spec, with progressive and linear torque delivery, giving you more usable power throughout the rev range. However, the improved engine cooling from our performance intercooler allows us to safely extract a modest horsepower and torque boost over the standard Stage 1 Pack. Please note: Unlike some engine tunes on the market which just use a generic 'one-size fits all' file flashed to the vehicle, we install a 'live tune' individually tailored to each vehicle and road-tested to ensure it performs as it should. This is especially important for vehicles with an Automatic gearbox, where we ensure we remain with the Manufacturer's torque limit guidelines.

  • 7 hr 30 min
  • From 1,777 British pounds
  • Unit 6, Anglo Industrial Park, Fishponds Road

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