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The ICON Programme
Mulgari ICON 01 McLaren MP4-12C
Mulgari ICON 02 MINI JCW 2.0T
Mulgari ICON 03 BMW M240i


Mulgari's ICON series was created to better connect incredible cars with their drivers. A homage to some very special vehicles of the past, it remains our formula to take something great and make it better... sharper, faster and more responsive, combined with subtle bespoke visual touches to make it look and feel more exclusive. 

First came the ICON 01, based on the first ever production car wholly designed and built by McLaren Automotive, the MP4-12C. Painted in grey with a black roof, sitting on 20/21inch staggered Vossen VPS Wheels, with its carbon front bumper, rear bumper, rear diffuser and 4-piece carbon side skirts, it certainly stood out like no other 12C. Bespoke touches then extended into the engine bay with body colour accents and anodised orange engine bay fixings, then into the interior with lightweight carbon fibre bucket seats and alcantara McLaren Steering wheel. Performance was then significantly uprated with modified air intakes, ECU recalibration and a Fabspeed turbo back high flow exhaust with quad tips.  Check out our media page to see pictures of this stunning machine.


In 2015 the ICON 02 Project was born. We took a standard MINI F56 JCW powered by a 2.0 Turbocharged 4cyl engine producing 234bhp, and poured more than 1000 development hours and almost £50,000 into research and development of the engine, suspension, wheels, brakes, body styling and interior, while all-importantly maintaining warranty approval from BMW.  The vehicle that was born became known as Warbird, distinctively wrapped in the style of a WWII fighter plane and spitting flames from the exhaust. Warbird wowed the motoring press and was the blueprint for what became a limited run of ten ICON 02's, uprated to 280bhp and each distinctively badged and colour-coded. We developed a strong relationship within many of the ICON 02 customers and subsequent owners as they've changed hands; many still preferring to come back to us to carry out routine maintenance and upgrades. For a better look, check out the images and videos in our media page.

The brief for ICON 03 was simple. Take the already accomplished BMW F22 M240i with its smooth and infinitely gutsy 3.0 straight six engine and well balanced chassis, and turn the dial up in every respect... performance, handling, and aesthetics. The goal was to create a road-friendly track car with sublime handling, where some say the original F87 BMW M2 had fallen short.  What emerged from our workshop many months later in its stunning Porsche Crayon paint and contrasting satin black trim, amazed even us.  The exterior boasted bespoke carbon fibre extended front wheel arches and rear quarters, carbon front splitter, Kevlar wheel arch liners, carbon fibre aerodynamic roof and carbon boot spoiler, creating a significant weight saving over the original and lowering the vehicle's centre of gravity. The specially commissioned 19in Satin black forged alloys were perfectly complimented by satin black aero intakes, with the vehicle sitting on a bespoke KW twin-spring passive damper suspension system with revised geometry for an aggressive stance but predictable, compliant handling. The engine benefited from a recalibrated ECU delivering in excess of 480hp and 570nm of torque, the exhaust being channeled via an Akrapovic downpipe and Evolution line Cat back system.  Inside the standard seats were replaced with half-leather, half-alcantara Recaro Sports seats, alcantara flat-bottom steering wheel and custom colour belts and interior accents.  The result... a car which fulfilled the brief completely and which hugely respected automotive journalist Henry Catchpole, described as one of the best set up cars he had ever driven.!  For a better look, check out the images and videos in our media page.

Meet the Team


Mulgari Managing Director Darren Boorman

Darren Boorman

Managing Director

Mulgari Commercial Director, Andy Nowell

Andy Nowell

Commercial Director

"Born into a family garage full of automotive and agricultural engineers, I've trained with Bosch Automotive to Master Technician  status.


I've had the privilege of working alongside some of the Motorsport elite as a technician, driver and coach for some of the industry's most famous marques and I'm still active in Motorsport today.


With a genuine passion for development and product creation, I have a real desire to produce truly bespoke vehicles that create a connection between driver and machine."

"A petrol head since my 20's, I began my journey with Mulgari more than 7 years ago as a customer, entrusting many of the modifications on my BMW M140i, M2 Competition and F56 JCW to Darren.

Bringing 20yrs experience of working in the Automotive sector, I came onboard in late 2022 in an advisory capacity to support Darren in taking the business forward, through developing partnerships with our suppliers, building a new e-commerce platform and streamlining our workshop operations.

Really excited to be involved and have the opportunity to develop the range of products and services we offer our customers. ."

IMG_7846 Small.jpeg


Work Experience

"My school allows me to come in to Mulgari for one day per week, to learn more skills and to understand how a busy garage runs.


I'm slowly learning how to do more and more and steadily gaining more confidence.


This experience is definitely helping my understand what kind of things I'd like to do when I leave school and maybe I'll have my own garage one day."



Top Dog

"Been here since I was just a wee pup. I am definitely the spine of this business and nothing gets past my eager nose.


Darren works me like a dog, so it's nice when he gives me a break to stretch my legs or meet new customers.


And don't worry my bark is worse than my bite.!"

Doing our bit


Just because we are a small engineering-led Automotive business, it doesn't mean that at Mulgari we don't take our Environmental, Social and Charitable responsibilities seriously.  

Energy saving website

Our website reduces your energy usage

GREEN FACT: Did you know having a website with a dark theme, can save as much as 40% energy on some devices, compared to viewing one with a standard white background.?!


So rather than building a site that just looked cool with our branding, we actually chose an e-Commerce platform that gave us the scope to make our site a bit more energy efficient for our customers and the planet.!

We favour suppliers who use less plastic

You don't need to be an environmentalist to be alarmed by the amount of plastic that finds its way into landfill or into our oceans.

So where possible we will be favouring suppliers who show they also have one eye on the environment, by keeping the amount of plastic in their packaging to a minimum.

Reducing plastic waste
Mulgari Cars apprentice

Giving opportunities to the next generation

Many kids won't realise their true potential by studying for exams and securing a place in further education, but rather by getting practical qualifications and developing a more skills-based career. 

So we're doing our bit to also make Mulgari a place of learning. We have worked with a local School to give our youngest team member Alfie, hands-on experience of working in a busy automotive business, learn some valuable skills and help him decide if it's something he'd like to pursue further.

Supporting worthwhile causes

We always like doing our bit for a worthy cause and have held numerous events over the past 12 months, where we've donated the proceeds of our coffee sales and merchandise to a nominated charity.

Look out for upcoming events and details of how you can help us continue helping those who need it most.

Charitable Work
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